Five Things


It’s a Freebie Friday which means I get to ramble! There are so many things running through my head lately. I’ve been busy painting the interior of my house and trying to get everything situated as quickly as possible before I head back to work. I also visited my local bike shop earlier this week for cleaning supplies for my bike and between those two things I have lots of time to think and overanalyze everything in my life. So here are a few things I want to change, try out, learn, and work on for myself in the next few months.

  • New bar tape. Mine is/was white and is pretty dingy and grungy looking now. It came with my bike and goes pretty well with the bike’s purple frame, but then, white goes with everything. I know there’s grippier tape and I’d like to find something a bit more fun than white.
  • Aero bars to go faster! This is a only-sort-of-kidding thing. I’m actually sort of scared of going faster on my bike because I don’t want to go so fast that I feel like I can’t stop quickly and easily and don’t want to break myself. While I know these are so you can go faster more easily, I think they’d also be more comfortable because after a while I start running out of hand and arm positions on my bike.
  • Learning to flip turns in a pool. When I took swimming lessons as a kid I always prided myself on being fastest at swimming laps, but my secret was to launch myself using my legs from the ends of the pool which gave me strong start and let me stay ahead. I’d like to learn how to flip turn because not only does it look cool but it’s seems easier to keep the flow of a workout. I’m not sure how to learn this without looking like I’m drowning but I’ll figure something out.
  • Meal prep lunches during the work week. I’m pretty good at meal prepping for dinner and my breakfasts are usually fairly standard but lunches tend to be a mishmash. Either I’m totally prepared and it’s packed, or I’m not and end up running to the commissary for lunch. I’d like to be able to prep a week’s worth of healthy pre-portioned meals for lunch so I make it easier on myself during the week.
  • Using essential oils in my daily routine. I’ve been a bit of a skeptic about oils. On the one hand, I love how they smell but I’m not convinced they really work. A woman I know has been singing their praises for several years and I decided I would try some out. I’m 100% sure I won’t give up any of my other products, but it would be nice to try some new things out and all the more so if it makes everything smell nicer.


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