I’m taking a brea-who am I kidding?

I told myself that I was taking a break from runDisney races after running the Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare last fall. It was the last race I’d really wanted to do and I felt like I was pretty happy with that. I’ve done the Princess Half, the Glass Slipper Challenge, the Pixie Dust Challenge (both in the same year for the pretty pink Coast to Coast Challenge medal), the Dopey Challenge and then the Dumbo Double Dare (and got the black Coast to Coast medal that year.) The races are just so expensive and Disney isn’t getting any cheaper, plus I felt like the trips just weren’t as special or fun to me anymore as they were in the very beginning. P even told me it wasn’t fun for him because we on;y went on race weekends and I was so tired all the time.

Then we moved to Georgia where WDW is only six hours away. That might seem like a lot, but in Alaska the closest Target was six hours away so my interpretation of “far” got skewed pretty heavily. I also found out my sister has never been to WDW so we made tentative plans to go together in the fall, and then I found out yesterday morning while waiting for my movers to arrive that the Disney Princess Half’s 10-year anniversary race was 1) next year and 2) opening for registration that day.

I am weak.

By the time I remembered to register the Challenge was sold out as was the 10K (weird, right?) so I registered for the half. I’m honestly okay with that. Although the challenge medals are always pretty and who doesn’t like getting a third medal for two races, only doing one race is cheaper and will mean I don’t have to go to bed as early and will probably be more fun for me and for P as well.


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