Heart-pounding moments

It’s a fitness Friday but I thought I’d talk about some of the times and things that make my heart beat harder, and not just from cardio. Even watching some of these things makes me a little nervous.


  • Cycling in a group scares me. I’m afraid I’ll crash into someone or someone will crash and then cause me to crash, I’m afraid of drafting, and I have no idea how cycling groups manage to look so effortless. When I see cycling races I’m more amazed at how they can stay so close together and not trip each other up. I’ve been considering joining a group ride once a week to get some more experience with riding in a group and calm my nerves.
  • The start of a race because there’s so much anticipation. When I took my horse to horse shows I felt the same way for every round we jumped. I’m not even sure I breathed. Thankfully, this has gotten better with time and more races but when I used to run cross-country in college it was my least favorite part of racing.
  • Bench press is my weakest lift because I have skinny T-rex arms. It’s also the first lift I failed and I can still remember the humbling feeling of needing someone to help me get the bar up since I was doing a painful kayaking-like movement with it. I’m a lot more confident with the other lifts because I either have more control over them or can do them in a rack where I won’t hurt myself or others if I fail.
  • Running in the rain because even though I sort of hate it, I always feel like I did something extra hardcore after I’ve come in completely drenched. And the hot shower always feels amazing afterwards, too.
  • The final sprint towards a finish line when you let out all the gas in your tank. I have to be careful because if I overexert myself when I’m undertrained I get the heaves, but thankfully this has also gotten a lot better with mental and physical training. Nothing is worse than puking all over yourself during a run, except maybe peeing and also puking on yourself.

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