Beverage Tasting

Most of the time Alaska feels like it’s an alternate universe where it is both still 1970 and we also have Internet and Netflix. Everyone is concerned about the price of oil since the state depends on it, but also concerned for the environment (and actually it’s pretty common to not have any Internet except for rural dishes). So that means we’re a little slow to receive and adapt to change.

Fred Meyer, one of the grocery chains up here, has done a good job of stocking a wide variety of things and new things too. I was so excited when I came home from deployment last year and saw Tim Tams in the store. They recently started stocking La Croix, so I wanted to try it and a few other beverages in a healthy replacement for wine or beer tasting since I gave them up for Lent.  In further thinking, this could be a fun social event with friends – get a bunch of healthy-ish drinks and some snacks and get together and everyone can still drive home safely at night.




Anyway, the drinks I chose were Suja Drinking Vinegar peach ginger, It Tastes RAAW pineapple cucumber, Cherry Pure 100% tart Montgomery cherry concentrate, and La Croix grapefruit.

P was also really interested in the drinking vinegar. I did some information searching and drinking diluted vinegar is supposed to help lower your blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity. It also surprisingly tasted really good, faintly like apple cider vinegar but more of the peach and ginger flavor.

I was especially excited to try La Croix after seeing so many people love it. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan. I don’t love mineral water and it reminded me of that slightly bitter taste and the grapefruit flavor was more of a smell than an actual flavor for me.

If I’d had friends over, I could probably get one of them to take home the remaining 7 cans with them.

Next up, the It Tastes Raww in pineapple cucumber. This was pretty tasty and I could also taste the lemon juice they’d added as well. It was very refreshing because of the cucumber flavor and would be a delicious drink during the summer months.

Lastly, I tried the Cherry Pure 100% tart Montgomery cherry concentrate. I mixed it in with some cold water for breakfast, though you can also mix it in soda, lemonade, or even top ice cream with it. It tasted like its name – pure, delicious cherries. It was a little syrupy towards the bottom because I didn’t stir it much, but it was still very good. I imagine it’d taste good in soda, like a natural flavoring. I may try it in the La Croix to see if that makes it taste better to me.


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