Five Things I Usually Eat/Drink

I’ve really liked reading others’ Life in a Day posts, so this is somewhat inspired by that and it’s five things I eat/drink in a typical week.


  • Breakfast burritos for breakfast. I am really good about making time for breakfast even if it’s just something quick. Breakfast burritos are perfect for a quick meal you can heat up before you run out the door. I make mine on the weekends and wrap them individually in foil and freeze them for later in the week. They’re super cheap, filling, and as healthy as you want them to be and you can fill them with just about anything and change the spices to what you like. This week I’m eating a spinach-kidney bean-egg-gruyere mix with some Ethiopian berbere spice thrown in on a whole wheat tortilla.
  • Coffee. I wouldn’t say I’m an addict, but I definitely have made coffee part of my morning routine. I love to drink a cup before I work out and a cup for breakfast and  possibly some in the afternoon as a pick-me-up. I used to use my Keurig a lot, but I’ve switched to a reusible K-cup pod and have been using my French press a lot more lately since I’ve been working through the bag of whole bean coffee I got from Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. I usually add either flavored creamer or just a little cream and sugar to the coffee. I can suffer if it’s just sugar, but I can’t drink it black.


    I made a little coffee station at my new house. I’m not completely done with it yet, but I love having all my breakfast things conveniently next to each other.

  • Water. I have a nice collection of water bottles going on so I can always make sure one is full and that I have one somewhere. I’ve never minded the taste of tap water but I like to add flavoring sometimes. I used to use just a splash of lemon juice, but I recently bought a premium starter kit from Young Living and now I love using dietary essential oils in my water for flavor. Lemon and tangerine are my absolute favorites for flavoring water and I love using peppermint for an especially hot day as it just feels so much more refreshing.


    Seriously, SO good in water! Or even tea.

  • Sandwiches for lunch. I’m getting better about packing lunch for myself so I don’t end up wandering the commissary aisles during rush hour or worse, end up wandering the gas station nearby at 2 p.m. and wind up eating cupcakes and Icees for lunch. Making sure I have a full lunch really goes a long way to prevent that, and the cornerstone for me is a sandwich. I like to be able to mix it up a little bit so I keep some deli meat and cheese available but I also still love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich any time of the day. The best tip I’ve figured out for myself is to have a cute lunchbox or two and those cold blocks like you used to have in elementary school.
  • Salmon. I’m still getting over the fact that wild caught salmon is going to be less available to me now that I live on the opposite side of the coast, but I ate salmon at least weekly for years now between living in Washington and then Alaska. Most of it was what we’d caught and frozen and there is nothing more delicious than king salmon. My favorite way to cook it is to soak a cedar plank all day and then grill the salmon on it, or even to smoke the salmon over cedar chips until it’s infused with the flavor and just falls apart. Wild salmon is sustainable, delicious, and so good for you. I know some people say it tastes too strong, but I think they just haven’t had it in a way they liked yet.

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