On My Mind…

It’s a Free Friday, so I thought I’d just unload some of the other things I’ve been up to. I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day and enjoys some time with their loved ones and remembering those who aren’t with us any longer.


  • As soon as I moved to Georgia, I dove right into some big house projects I wanted to get done before the movers showed up. My goals were to pretty much repaint the entire interior of the house with a more cohesive color scheme and remodel the kitchen. It was a LOT of work, especially the kitchen, but I am so pleased with how it’s turned out. I still have to paint the ceilings and the trim and at some point I want to remodel the two bathrooms as well but the big stuff is all taken care of. I honestly love my kitchen now and it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

The original kitchen. Red walls, blue-gray laminate, and yellow oak cabinets. Ew.


Painted the walls using Sherwin Williams Eider, it took two solid coats to cover the red.


Used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations to make yellow oak into white oak


Used Giani Granite Bombay Black to remodel counters and painted the backside of the cabinets with SW Eider. I decided to keep the hardware because I sort of liked it, and didn’t feel like more $$$.

  • My poor house had no curb appeal and I was determined to fix that. After failing to do my homework and almost killing a hydrangea by putting it in the sunniest spot in my entire yard (seriously, what was I thinking?) I decided to get some help and went to a local nursery. The woman there was so unbelievably helpful not only in choosing plants that would love all the punishing Georgia sun they could get, but also with planning a cohesive color scheme and giving advice on landscaping ideas. If you’re ever in the area, Double B Plant Farm is not only the place to go for help, but it’s also really beautiful just to walk around and find inspiration. If I had an unlimited budget, I’d just bring them out and let them advise me on what I should plant. I’m a pretty lazy gardener so I’m glad they were able to give me some suggestions that fit the space but also my experience level and lifestyle. So far, all the plants are doing well and I’m working on getting my lawn looking less-sad now.


  • I made grits for the very first time in my life! If you know me, you know what a shock this is. I’m still shocked myself. I’ve had shrimp and grits in restaurants and had a craving for it last week. I actually had to ask someone where grits are sold in the grocery store because I didn’t know. The recipe came out fantastically and I am sold on making grits (as long as they have a 2:1 ratio of cheese to grits, anyway.)



  • 2/3 of my pets have gotten to visit the vet in a 24-hour period this past week. Sophie had a scheduled removal of two mammary cysts that have been leaking fluid and then Twister got spooked enough to run out of the backyard and spent the whole night having Fight Club with two other cats until I found him on the roof and rescued him. Zane feels left out and doesn’t understand why I obviously prefer the other two and they get special car trips.


  • Two swallows made their nest on my front porch and their eggs just hatched. There’s five baby birds in there now and it’s fun to be able to watch them at such a close distance. Their parents are amazing in how they seem to have a telepathic connection in avoiding each other in flight as they swoop in to feed them. Twister also enjoys watching them from his cat tree by the window.


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