Finding Discounts

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and while it’s a day for remembrance, it has also come to signify the beginning of summer since all the schools get out and marks a definite wardrobe transition.

Now that I’m no longer making mad money from Alaska COLA, I’ve had to scale back the lavish lifestyle I developed (ha). Part of this is holding off on major purchases for a longer while and/or looking for discounts. Here are some helpful tips I’ve gathered that I use to fund my triathlon training needs and wants.

  • Many brands have bigger discounts or sales over a holiday weekend. Oiselle is having an extra 30% off their sale, Kovey is having up to 80% off, SwimOutlet has up to 80% off in their Memorial Day sale, REI has 20% off one full-price item, and SOAS  has an extra 20% off right now with their code ANNV20.


  • Many local stores are also clearing out old merchandise and slightly discounting newer merchandise to attract people to the store. My LBS had an entire table that was 50% off cycling shoes as well as many other accessories.


  • I have a toolbar app called Honey that automatically looks for coupons when I’m in the checkout procedure of any store. It doesn’t always work, but it’s so much more convenient than searching for coupons in a separate tab. Plus, it will automatically try them for you so you can just sit back and grab a cup of coffee instead.


  • eBay is a great source for some things, especially slightly used clothes. I found a matching tri kit in my size for 25% of what it was brand new, and also a cycling jersey for 30% of its original price. Sometimes people either just get out of the sport, don’t like the style, or just have too many clothes (who are these people?) I’ve tried Postmark but they’re more for regular clothes. For Oiselle, there’s an awesome Facebook gear swap page where women sell their used or even new-but-didn’t-like-the-fit clothes.


  • For online shopping, it’s sometimes worth leaving things in your shopping cart for at least a day to see if the company will offer an additional discount. A few times I’ve gotten an emailed coupon to entice me back to a purchase.

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