Georgia Bucket List

When I moved to Alaska I made a big bucket list of all the Alaskan things I wanted to do. I didn’t get them all (partly because I didn’t truly understand how enormous Alaska actually is) but it was a lot of fun to make the list and try to cross things off.

There are already so many things I want to do in Georgia. Here’s the very beginning of my list:

  • Volunteer at a race – volunteers are so important to races going smoothly and I would like to be more involved on that side of the event
  • Volunteer with Girls on the Run – I didn’t start running competitively until college but it made a huge difference in my grades and time and stress management. I want to be able to help others find that same release and confidence in being able to set and achieve their goals
  • Join a running/tri club – because moving means I have to make new friends >.<
  • Run the Peachtree Road Race – the world’s largest 10K
  • Finish the Ironman 70.3 Augusta – because how often do you get to do a big race in your hometown? I love that I could sleep in my own bed and be home in time for dinner
  • Run Currahee – I’ve loved Band of Brothers for years and it would be fun to run the same route. There’s also a Currahee Challenge that runs every year, “three miles up, three miles down”
  • Bike commute regularly – now that I live closer to work and it will be more temperate (though hot and humid), I’d like to try bike commuting for extra exercise and more fun
  • Catch a catfish. I tried a couple of years ago down in Columbus and successfully fed an entire container of chicken livers to the catfish while catching none. I have a few more tricks now that I’m eager to try out.

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