On my mind

I read something last week about Rick Rescorla and looked him up  and wow. He served in the Northern Rhodesia Police before coming to America and commissioning as a second lieutenant, serving as a platoon leader under LTC Hal Moore (his face is actually on the cover of We Were Soldiers) and if that wasn’t an incredible enough life, he’s also credited with saving nearly 2,600 people by running evacuation drills and then leading everyone out of the South Tower on September 11, 2001. I told P about him and was surprised that he already knew who he was – the FOB he’d been on in Iraq was named for him.

That also spawned my memory of one of my favorite movies – Zulu. In particular, the pinnacle scene where they are standing to defend against a much larger Zulu force and sing to keep their bravery up against the Zulu chanting.

I can’t believe I just now learned about this video, but it’s so funny watching others’ faces as they realize what he’s singing.

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