Instant Love


One of my absolute favorite stores to browse, Williams-Sonoma, recently announced they were closing their Augusta location. As heartbroken as I was, I recognized a good sale and quickly snapped up all the things we’d thought about buying but hadn’t. Mainly replacing all our old cooking utensils I’d had since I first stocked my kitchen, but also a new gadget that I’d been hemming and hawing over for months – an Instant Pot. I’d heard that they’re life-changing. I’d also heard they do everything equally well but nothing great, so I’d put it off because we already had a slow cooker and a pressure cooker and pots and pans.

Well, I LOVE my Instant Pot! Really, really LOVE. It’s not prep to eating in 15 minutes, and there’s still some significant prep work in some recipes, but overall I think it was a good buy and appreciate cleaning less dishes. Plus, I can cook food that’s frozen and an entire roast in 15 minutes instead of several hours.

My favorite place to dig up recipes is from the Instant Pot website, but these have been some of my favorites so far:

  1. Turkey and White Bean Chili – this was a little soupy to me, so I added some chopped corn tortillas left in the fridge and it was so good.
  2. Risotto with Pancetta, Peas, and Mushrooms – this was crazy good and you could easily leave out the pancetta.
  3. Korean Beef from Damn Delicious – so good!
  4. Korean Chile-Braised Brisket – I made the kimchi coleslaw but think it was better with just the plain kimchi. The brisket was great and I’d actually recommend not sizing this one down because it’s so good we cleaned up the whole recipe.

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