One Month In

The first month of 2019 is over and I’ve moved to a new state, started a new job, and started a new training plan. I signed up for the Preseason Project with TriDot since it was free. I like training plans a lot but I’ve had trouble when my schedule didn’t support the workouts and also had trouble figuring out how to schedule races and how to switch from distances.

TriDot had me punch in my recent assessments and then allowed me to set up my race schedule, within reason since it wouldn’t let me pick either of the 70.3’s as my “A” race since my volume is too low to be realistic, but I could pick a couple of sprints or half marathons as an “A” race and settle everything else after that. Right now I have my first race of the season as my “A” race, and the 70.3’s as C races. That might not sound very exciting since people tend to focus only on the A race and maybe smaller sub-goals under that, but I really appreciate how it keeps me realistic with my goal-setting.

I also like that I can move my workouts around for my schedule. I’m fortunate that my current work schedule leaves time for swimming and the pool here is open on the weekends. I do have a crunch to get it in before work during the week, but I like that I can move at least one of my swim workouts to the weekend when I can give it more time.

I also started back up with Zwift, but that’s another write up for another time. The only thing I’ve really been struggling with lately is running. It’s cold and dark outside (and icy, ugh) and I just hate it lately.  I got some new workout clothes (because I also don’t have cold weather running clothes anymore) and that’s helped a bit but man, I’m having such a hard time holding myself to my running workouts, especially if they’re long.

So for February,  my goal is to get in all of my run workouts. Ideally as written, but I will settle for just running when prescribed.

A goal: Get all run workouts in as written

B goal: Go running when supposed to (modified workouts)

C goal: Run for the prescribed time (workout be damned)

Another plus side is I’m close enough to work that I can run/bike when the weather warms up a bit and my kiddo is fully weaned. I’m not interested in trying to figure out a commute also involving a breast pump and pumped milk right now but once I’m not pumping anymore it should be much easier to accomplish something like that.