Ask me in a year…

I was reading old blog entries and ran across this one, written a year ago (plus a day, but who cares). It’s funny because earlier today I was walking out of Target with Mini and a woman was packing her things into her car. She had a little baby and s/he was screaming his/her head off in the car seat and the woman was scrambling to get it all in quickly. I couldn’t help but remember my own kid’s terrible, awful screams that sounded like a wounded rabbit. When did those stop? It happened so gradually that I didn’t even notice until it was gone. Same thing for her not terrible, adorable little sneezes? One day they were suddenly gone. 

I say at least once a day now how much fun she is, because she is SO much fun! She’s curious and playful and so funny and loves to put on a show to get me to laugh at her. Last year I was deep in it, I was exhausted, hormonal, and while rationally I knew at some point it would get better it was the first time in recent memory when I didn’t know when that possibly might be. I wondered if I might have PPD as I mourned my previous life and  freedom (pretty sure I just had baby blues looking back). 

I still can’t put my finger on when things got better. There wasn’t a definitive moment. It just sneaked up on me and all of a sudden I didn’t miss pre-baby life so much. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on all the fun things in life because I’d discovered how incredibly fun it is to relive things through the eyes of a child and enjoying seeing her explore and her personality develop.

Adorable things she does:

-Pats the guitar in its stand and then sits back, sways back and forth and claps her hands.

-Squeals at the cat

-Waves at dogs (not people, HA!)

-Stands by the window and taps on the glass when the dogs are outside

-Shakes her head no when you ask her a question, any question




Would I do it again?

For her, absolutely. 

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