Rev3 Westfields Sprint Triathlon

I did a Rev3 race back in 2017 in Williamsburg (which is now sadly Ironman Virginia 70.3) and was so impressed by what an awesome event they put on. It was well-organized, the swag was great, and the course was well thought out, manned, and it was an overall five star experience. I knew I wanted to do another Rev3 race again so I was glad to see I could do the Westfields Sprint as my first race of the season.

I drove down Saturday for packet pickup at the Rec Center the triathlon would be at and got to see the early stages of set up. I was surprised at my low bib number, and checked it where my bike and transition area would be before we headed out to a local park (and got stuck in horrendous DMV traffic on the way home)

I knew I wanted to leave by 5 am so I could get to the transition area with enough time to pick up my chip and set up and not feel rushed. I did such a good job of prepping the night before that I was out the door by 4:30. I tried to stop off for a coffee but everything was closed so I gave it up after the first failure.

The swim was short, 250 yards, and a zig zag across an indoor pool. I’ve never done an indoor swim before and didn’t mind it. It was an individual start so it took a while and they had us grouped into our estimated time, but the groups were under 1:30, 2:00, and 3:00. I was after the 2:00 sign because the last time trial I did a month ago had me at 2:14. Still, it was a big range and so there were a lot of people in there. Most people seemed to seed themselves accurately but there were a few bunch ups I could see and a couple who had gone out too fast and were now sucking.

I felt good on the swim, definitely went out a little too fast, and didn’t keep track of where I was so I didn’t kick soon enough.

The bike course was two laps. Normally I don’t like laps, but on a bike it’s not so bad to me. The course was pretty flat and with enough turns to keep it interesting. Another woman and I kept leap-frogging each other. She had a pretty black Quintanaroo with pink accents that I told her I really liked and she told me she liked my pink pedals. It’s the little things.

The weather was a little chilly and overcast and at one point I felt some raindrops. Some had chosen to wear a jacket and I was torn between thinking of how smart they were and also thinking how that would likely make me overheat.

I didn’t drink at all on the bike course despite having bottles in the rear cage. I think I just haven’t gotten comfortable reaching back there and also don’t like feeling like it’s a slow down. I’ll have to work on that or worst case is I use my profile design bottle instead because I can stay in aero while drinking-I just don’t like how the liquid sloshes out from movement.

The run was unexpectedly nice. I thought it was on the road because I saw runners but it was actually a Y-shaped course that was 85% on a paved path behind the Rec Center and shaded with beautiful trees and a creek running alongside it. It was mostly flat with a couple small inclines and one small part along the road. I really enjoyed it because you saw people ahead of you and behind you and made it easy for spectators and aid stations plus, it was such a pretty run through all the trees.

I’ve really been neglecting running so I was happy that I felt strong the whole way. And I was very happy with my time. I knocked four seconds off my /100yd swim time, my bike time was 2 mph faster than any I’ve done, and I had a solid run. I finished 6/10 in my division so squarely in the middle of the pack.

Funnily enough, the low numbered bibs tend to go to pros or semi-pros. Because my bike and kit and even helmet matched so well, several people thought I was either a pro or semi pro. I was really tickled by that, because I am definitely a middle-packer but I did look the part and felt it. Also a testament to how great the SOAS kits are this year.

My next triathlon is an Olympic next month in Maryland and should be a lot of fun. I likely won’t be trained enough to do as well as I could, so it and the Cambridge 70.3 are both C races for me. Cambridge is supposed to be hot and windy so should be a good sufferfest to prep for Augusta later this year.

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