Catching Up in Time for Offseason

I’ve really neglected this log. I’ve been busy and honestly just haven’t felt interested in logging really any of it. I’ve been in school since July and the same day I signed in to school I also found out I was pregnant so it’s been really interesting juggling first trimester nausea and sickness and tiredness with group workouts, projects, and studying. Plus, I still had all the races I signed up for so I also had to decide how to change my training plans.

One big resource I found this time was using The Pregnant Athlete to help me plan what I could and couldn’t do. Since I could keep the same level of activity as I had prior to becoming pregnant, I felt comfortable finishing out my race season. The only thing I was iffy on was Augusta 70.3 and I figured I would just play it by ear. I knew the swim would be fine and so my only concerns were a fall or crash on the bike or overheating on the run. As a result, I refused to push the pace even a little. I was super slow, but I did finish under the time cutoff and I felt great afterwards too. I actually teared up coming down the finish chute and almost cried because I was so proud of finishing. I would have been okay if I’d had to drop along the course but I was so thankful that I was able to finish. I’m planning on hanging the medal in the baby’s nursery since she was with me the whole way.

Funnily enough, a few weeks later I ran the Army Ten Miler with my “Baby on Board” sign and had a lot more concern from other people about running while pregnant than I did doing triathlons, or maybe people were just more vocal about their concerns. It was a good reminder of how I don’t really enjoy running much anymore.

I finished the Tri the Parks race series with third in my age group, which I’m really pleased with! I’m so glad I kept it up and finished the race schedule.

My only real plans in my “offseason” are continuing to “train” for delivery. I’m at roughly the halfway point and feeling much better now and actually starting to gain a little weight instead of losing from nausea and sickness so that’s good news for me. I’m using Glow Body PT’s free prenatal plan like I did last time and I’m looking forward to attempting a new PB with my labor and delivery time this round now that I know what to expect a bit more. I was also lucky enough to get my same doula as last time and I’m really excited that she’ll be there to help deliver both of my babies and that they’ll both be born in the same hospital.