Changes in the Wind

Sadly, I’ve had to cancel some of my big races this year, including the Ironman 70.3 Augusta but it’s okay because I’m training for something much bigger.


We’re expecting our first little fishing buddy next February!

How do I feel? Excited and also occasionally queasy.  I won’t lie that I am a little bit bummed that I won’t be competing in the Augusta 70.3 this fall, or the Disney Princess Half next February, but those races aren’t going anywhere and I am super excited to start our family.

What about my other races? Honestly, no idea at this point. I’m really sort of playing it by ear. I’m probably safe to do triathlon until the end of my first trimester, but honestly after watching that guy eat it at the last one, I’m feeling less and less inclined to triathlon.  I’m also having a lot more trouble than I already was with running or doing anything outside in our heat and humidity. As much as it pains me, I think I am probably going to be sitting the rest of this season out racing-wise.

But just because I’m not racing doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. I switched out my half iron training plan for Ashley Horner’s “Creating a Miracle” and so far I like it a lot. It’s still plenty challenging but also forces me to do more yoga, which I should really be doing anyway.

Have Bike Trainer, Will Travel (Indoors)

My indoor bike trainer came in and after some hemming and hawing and trying to ship it and my bike down early as unaccompanied baggage, I finally got around to setting it up after the nice people at transportation told me the day before I had scheduled the movers to come that I wasn’t going to get unaccompanied baggage after all. Since I wasn’t going to be able to ship it out early, I figured I might as well set it up after all.

I was going to keep it in the garage but decided to bring it inside for a couple of reasons: 1) we’re getting ready to move and rent our house out so the garage is messy; 2) if I’m in a messy room for any length of time, I will start cleaning it; 3) if I’m cleaning, I’m not working out; 4) P gets all huffy when I put things away and not where he left them last; 5) the TV is inside the house.


Sad-eyed dog was sad because I moved the couch to plug in the trainer behind it

It’s a little crowded because I have a tiny house (not a Tiny House, just a tiny, 850 sq-ft house with two adults, two dogs, and one cat) but it’s only for a few weeks.


I settled on the Tacx Vortex Smart because it had pretty good reviews on DC Rainmaker’s recommendations for bike trainers(and was pretty, I admit that was a tie-breaker). I liked that it had Bluetooth and I can control the wattage from my phone.

It was pretty easy to set up and calibrate though I think the app could use a little work. It’s not as intuitive as I think it could be, but overall not bad for a free app. Tax has a program you can buy to pre-create workouts but it’s only available for PCs and I have a Mac so if I want a pre-designed workout I’d have to use TrainerRoad or Swift.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it. My biggest challenge now is trying to find something decently interesting to watch on Netflix.